Wednesday, 3 February 2016

My Month in Pictures: January

January was a great month of adventures and family time. I had a lovely month at home over Christmas, but by the end I was itching to get back into the swing of university life again. Now that it's over I thought I'd share some photos of this last month and reflect a bit on what happened.

Bella being contemplative on the first day of the year

New Year's Day Dinner
new year, new cupcakes? 02.01.16
Day out in St Andrews 08.01.16

Lunch with Georgina

Mum's Birthday: Ferrero Rocher cupcakes - recipe coming soon!

The first three weeks of January consisted of recovering after all the Christmas celebrations, as well as catching up with friends and getting things organised for returning to uni at the end of the month. I also started blogging again after a month and a half of nothing, so it's been lovely getting back into a regular schedule and coming up with fun and exciting ideas for posts over the next few weeks! 

In the last week I returned to university, which was exactly the refreshing change I needed. While it was so lovely to be home, I was definitely in need of a routine again. So it's been a great first two weeks so far seeing everybody again and working away. Hopefully this routine will continue for February and I'll have a lovely, stress-free semester. (If only!)

How was your January?

Speak soon!

Chloe x