Saturday, 13 February 2016

Making a University Room Feel Like Home

My bed when I lived in halls in first year

Moving to university is a daunting time for all. But that doesn't mean that your room has to reflect that! Creating a room full of homey vibes can really help with the process of living by yourself. And university residences have a reputation for being a bit on the basic side, so these little tips can transform your wee room into a space you actually want to live in!

Pictures. Pictures of friends, family, pets, the view from your bedroom window, anything. Putting up a whole load of photos onto your noticeboard or placing photo frames around your room helps to make you feel less lonely, as you'll be surrounded by smiley faces of the people that you love.

Trinkets from home. For me this includes cards from friends and family and little plaques with uplifting slogans on them. I take a few things from my room at home and dot them around my room at university, so it feels like I'm taking a bit of home with me.

Cosy pyjamas. Okay, so this isn't exactly room decor, but some comfy pjs to lounge around in during the evening/all weekend helps me feel comfortable in my room.

A throw/blanket. A throw looks cute and ties a room together. Plus, university halls can get pretty cold and a blanket is always a useful thing to own!

Fairy lights. Most university halls don't allow candles in rooms because of the fire hazard they bring, but I had battery operated fairy lights draped over my mirror and that was fine. I personally find that they add a nice bit of warmth to any room.

Cushions. If nothing else, they look cute. Just don't go overboard or else you won't have any space in your room! One or two should suffice. I also did a tutorial a few weeks back on How to Make Cushions From Old T-Shirts which is a fun alternative to buying cushions!

A teddy bear. There's nothing wrong with bringing a teddy to uni, especially if you've grown up with it! Mine is also a hot water bottle, so he's functional too!

What helps you make your room feel like home?

Speak soon,

Chloe x