Saturday, 6 February 2016

Inside My University Bag


Today I thought it would be fun to share what I carry in my university bag on a typical day of classes. Personally I love these kind of posts, because it makes me feel like you get a bit more of an insight into somebody's life. I haven't taken anything out of my bag that I don't want you to see, this is everything that was in my bag on Tuesday this week.

(Please bear in mind, however, that I empty my bag on a daily basis because I don't have the same classes everyday!)

My bag is from The Cambridge Satchel Company, and was a very lovely Christmas present from my parents. I have a few different bags that I use while at uni, depending on how many classes I have that day and how much stuff I need to carry. I've found that this one is actually a very ideal size for me: I can fit in a few notebooks and even my laptop if need be, while still having a little bit of wiggle room for other, smaller essentials. This way I keep clutter to a minimum and make sure I'm only carrying what I really need.

Now let's dive in...

First up we have my lecture-taking notebooks. If you've ever seen my Stationery Haul from August last year you'll know that I've got quite a thing for the Oxford Campus Notebooks. And as per my typical Christmas wishlist, I was inundated with numerous books of all colours to start the new semester.

Also in my bag I've got the coursebooks that I need for that day. On Tuesday that was a bit of Greek lyric poetry and a copy of Livy's Rise of Rome. Accompanying that I also have my timetable notebook, where all my classes and 'to-do' list notes are kept (alongside my sanity...).

And to finish off we've got my keys, lipbalm, and pens. Because I wouldn't be a very good student without something to write with!

Not featured: my phone, earphones, bottle of water and a snack, but all essentials nonetheless!

What's in your uni bag?

Speak soon,

Chloe x