Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The 2016 Bucket List


Today I want to share my 'resolutions' (or, in looser, more non-committal terms, my 'goals') for 2016. Like everyone else I have a terrible habit of making bold claims at the start of the year of how much I'm going to achieve over the following twelve months, often to little avail. So this year I figured it would be better to set smaller, more manageable goals and work from there - call it a bucket list rather than resolutions, because I do love a good bucket list!

Drink more water. Let's start with a basic one, shall we? In the past I've vowed to cut out all fizzy drinks and only drink herbal tea and all that rubbish, and to be honest that's never going to be the lifestyle I want to lead. So instead of depriving myself, I'm going to simply aim to drink more water and take it from there. 

Take more candid photos. I take a lot of photos as it is, but most of them are in order to capture a certain ~aesthetic~. While I'm not going to stop doing that, I want to add more natural photos with my friends and family into that mix, because capturing a natural, hearty laugh in a snap is much better than a posed selfie to me. 

Finish my scrapbook. This ties into taking more photos (because that's what's involved in a scrapbook, Chloe) because I'd like more to add to my scrapbook. I'll go into greater depth about my scrapbook in a post sometime if you'd like, but basically I got a Project Life scrapbook for my 19th birthday to document my last year of being a teenager, and I love it. Although it's quite time consuming, I absolutely love it and I'm excited to add to it for the final eight months of being nineteen.

Join a university society. It's time to stop stressing about coursework so much and actually go out and meet more people at my lovely uni. I've said for the past three semesters that I'm going to join a society and it's finally time to listen to myself.

Go to a ball. Because my uni throws some great lil shindigs and I really like dressing up all fancy!

Get a summer job. This one's pretty self-explanatory, tbh.

Make more decisions. You know those times where you're trying to plan something and everyone just keeps saying 'Oh I don't mind what we do' or 'I'm not bothered where we go'? I hate that. I'm all for being polite and not wanting to impose, but the time it takes to go through that routine is exhausting, so instead when nobody else is prepared to make a decision I'm going to be that person (in the hope that others will follow suit and we'll never have another encounter like mentioned above again!).

See a musical. This is kind of a cheat goal because I'm already planning to go see Mamma Mia! this year, but ssh!

Exercise more. Ah, we've reached the cliched section of my bucket list. I make the resolution every single year to become super healthy and fit, but if I don't see results straight away I tend to give up. But if I ease into it, I think I've got a better shot of being successful. Going for a run once a week or a long walk a few times a week or even trying out a workout video seems far less intimidating than a strict regimented schedule (to start with at least!).

Maintain my blog all year long. I've learned from my first few months of blogging, and now I feel energised and motivated to produce good quality posts with great photos and make this blog a nice little memory bank to document my life and share some tips and tricks along the way.

So those are my ten goals for 2016! What do you want to achieve this year?

Speak soon!

Chloe x