Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Tanya Burr's Chocolate Cookies


Throughout 2015 I developed a bit of a baking habit (mostly as a means to procrastinate and avoid studying), and I love trying out new recipes. I'd seen a lot of people raving about Tanya Burr's Chocolate Cookies over the year, so I thought I'd test them for myself and see what all the fuss is about (you, know, for science. obvs.). And oh wow, they are gooood.

I followed the recipe down to the last detail, only I didn't add any dark chocolate because I'm not a huge fan of it, and I noticed that my mix needed a little more than a 'dash' of milk to help bind all the ingredients together, but overall they were a huge success! A good tip too would be to make sure each cookie contains several chunks of chocolate for maximum gooeyness. I managed to make 16 cookies instead of Tanya's 10 because I made them slightly smaller, but I don't think they would've lasted long either way! They were a big hit in the house and I think I'll have to make them again but keep them all for myself. Crunchy and yet oh-so-gooey, they are my new favourite procrasti-snack!

What's your favourite type of cookie?

Speak soon!

Chloe x