Wednesday, 27 January 2016

How To Make Cushions Out of Old T-Shirts & Jumpers


For Christmas this year my parents gave me a 'sew your own cushion' kit, so armed with some fabric, needles and thread I set to work on creating the lil owl pictured above. Despite a few initial hiccups (and countless moments of frustration when I could thread the needle!), it was a fun task, so I decided to keep going. I had a huge clear out of old clothes that no longer fit me/I've outgrown style-wise over the winter break, so I thought it might be nice to try a bit of upcycling and craft some old garments into cute cushions for my room!


an old t-shirt/top/fabric, washed and ironed 
a needle
thread (a colour of your choosing)


1. Take your clean top and flip it so that it's inside out, and draw the shape that you want your cushion to be. In my case, I kept it simple with squares and rectangles.

2. Cut out that shape using sharp fabric scissors. I actually found this bit quite tricky because the fabric kept bunching up, meaning that the edges were really rugged, but that doesn't matter because this is going to be on the inside of the cushion.

3. With both pieces together, thread your needle and start sewing about 1cm from the edge with a running stitch. Leave a gap of 10cm or so (depending on how big your cushion is) at the bottom.
SIDENOTE: As a complete novice to sewing, I learned that a running stitch is one where you thread the needle and tie a knot at one end, then push the needle from the underside of the fabric to the top, pulling the thread tight. Then you push the needle back through the top to the bottom, about 5mm along. And keep going like that!

4. Turn the fabric through the gap you've left at the bottom so the right side of the fabric is now showing.

5. Stuff the cushion, making sure you get the stuffing right into the corners.

6. Sew the gap at the bottom with an over and over stitch.
SIDENOTE: An over and over stitch is made by pushing the needle from the underside of the fabric to the top, then pulling the thread tight and taking it over the edge of the fabric and pushing back into the underside.

And you're done! You could easily add some more embellishments if you like (buttons, felt, etc.) but I wanted to keep mine quite simple. It's such an easy little task to do over a weekend and has a bit more of a personal touch than buying ready made cushions! I went for quite simple patterns and colours, but I think this would also look really cute with t-shirts that have band logos on them or something along those lines too!

Happy crafting!

Speak soon,

Chloe x