Saturday, 30 January 2016

First Week Back at Uni: A Review

So this week was my first week back at university, after a five week winter break. Needless to say, it was tough getting back into the academic frame of mind!

I arrived back last Saturday, a day after my wonderful housemate Evie's 20th birthday. So to surprise her when she arrived in the afternoon, we decorated the living room with balloons and a homemade banner and I baked her a cake and decorated it like a pizza. Because who doesn't love pizza cake?!

I got crafty for Evie's birthday...

Pizza cake! The decoration is mostly icing with grated white chocolate acting as the cheese

 And then on Sunday night we held ANOTHER SURPRISE PARTY! Saturday's celebrations were a decoy party so she wouldn't get suspicious when we sent her on a late evening shopping trip. We had a wee group of friends round and we all sat in the living room and threw balloons in the air when she came in. And Lauren baked her this incredible chocolate cake which tasted absolutely amazing. All the cake. All the fun.

Luckily the first week back is always quite chill. Most of my lectures were all about reading lists and deadlines for the semester, and it was my first semester of no tutorials in week one! I'm no longer studying French which takes a massive weight off my timetable, as languages are far more tutorial based than lecture orientated. So now I'm studying Ancient History and Classical Studies, meaning I only have three tutorials a week. Woohoo!

Alongside classes, the first week back also meant Refresher's Week. I was an absolutely rubbish fresher, and last year I spent Fresher's Week playing Monopoly and having movie nights with my flatmates. Party hard. But part of my 2016 Bucket List is to go out and meet more people at my uni, so this week I tried to make more of an effort. Monday was Burns' Night in Scotland, and of course there is no better way to celebrate one of the greatest poets but to have a ceilidh! It was a great night donning my tartan and dancing the night away. The following night my friends and I also went to an ABBA tribute night which was so much fun! Nothing beats a choreographed routine to Dancing Queen on a Tuesday night.

Solid Gold ABBA Tribute Band - aka a night of 70s love
Overall it's just been great to see everyone again and being in the house with my friends, having long talks into the night because five weeks is far too long to not see them after living with them for three months.

Right now I'm at home for the weekend because it's my mum's birthday! I've baked her some Ferrero Rocher cupcakes and we're going to have some tasty tasty takeaway food tonight. Bliss. 

How has your week been?

Speak soon,

Chloe x