Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A Day Out in St Andrews


Last Friday my friend Georgina and I took a lil adventure day to my university town of St Andrews, so I thought it would be nice to share what we got up to!

The North Sea

First up on the agenda was lunch. We headed to Blackhorn to get the best burgers and wraps St Andrews has to offer, then had some Jannettas ice cream for dessert. I had blueberry cheesecake and it was soo good!

After lunch we hit up the pier to eat our ice cream and enjoy the fresh sea air. For me it's a very relaxing place to sit and listen to the crashing of the waves and forget about the world for a minute or two (which is especially helpful when coursework becomes overwhelming!).

Georgina was not keen on me being so close to the edge of the pier!

So that's my beautiful little seaside town. It's really special for me to study in a town so steeped in history and marked with beautiful scenery, and even more special for my best friend to come and see why I love it so much.

How has your week been?

Speak soon!

Chloe x