Saturday, 19 September 2015

What's On My Desk | University Edition


I've spent two weeks in this house that I'll be living in for the next 8/9 months, which means that I've managed to get a bit of work done at my desk and organise it accordingly, so I figured I'd show you what I keep there!

My desk is actually much, much bigger than I had thought, which means that a) I can keep more stuff there, but b) it's more likely to get messy quickly. Oops.

I'm going to start right now and say that I don't normally study at my desk. I find I learn a lot better when I'm comfortable, so usually I study in my bed. I know that's an awful thing to admit because you shouldn't really associate your bed with anything work-related, but I need my comforts!

A permanent feature is my printer. My parents got this for me as a university gift last year, and I found it so so helpful to have my own printer than having to use the university printers. It's particularly useful for printing out handouts for classes, and surprisingly came in very very handy when organising documents for housing applications for the following year. On top of my printer I also have some beautiful treats that my amazing housemate Evie got me from the Harry Potter Studio Tour for my birthday - they're too precious to eat!

I've got the usual stationery bits and bobs here too - stapler, hole punch, sticky notes, paperclips, etc. I like to store them in little jars and keep a mug of pens to grab when I need them. Along the same theme I also have my pencil case that I take to classes.

I also keep my blogging notebook on my desk. That being said, I do carry it around with me a lot to jot ideas on the go, but in general this is its home. My notebook holds all of my ideas for blog posts, as well as my schedule for what date each post goes up and what I still need to add to each post, so it's quite an important wee book!

Above my desk is my Adopt a Boxer calendar. You may already know that I have two Boxer dogs myself, so this calendar is a cute feature to keep the Boxer theme alive in my uni room!

So that's a whistle-stop tour of my uni desk, which might give you some ideas in terms of organisation, or maybe you're just nosey like me and like to see what people keep at their desk!

What's on your desk right now?

Speak soon!

Chloe x