Friday, 4 September 2015

Watching TV Shows With French Subtitles | French Fridays #7

Bonjour à tous!

Today is a slightly different recommendation to help with your French - watching English speaking TV shows/films but changing the language or using subtitles!

I'm going to be quite straight with you here: French shows and films are not always wonderful. While they can help with your pronunciation and everyday French, I find so many to be tediously dull, which makes me switch off and not learn anything.

Back when I was in high school I watched all of the Harry Potter films in French and German. Combining my favourite series with the languages I was studying really helped me to keep focused while watching, and because I already knew the storyline and some of the lines I could then match up the foreign language with its English equivalent quite easily. (Plus, the German pronunciation of 'Harry' amused me to no end!)

Nowadays I'll occasionally put on an episode of Friends, but change the language to French. I initially tried it with French subtitles as well as the different language, but the subtitles didn't match up to what the dubs were actually saying so it just confused me. But each episode is only 20 minutes long, meaning it's easy to fit a quick episode into my day and get a little extra dose of French!

Unfortunately, not all seasons in my boxset offer French as a dub, so I'm limited to watching the 8th and 9th seasons, but seasons 1-9 offer French subtitles over the English voices, so it's better than nothing!

Do you use this method too?

À bientôt!

Chloe x

P.S. I wanted to see what you guys think about me writing my French Friday posts half in French, half in English from now on? Would that interest you/help you? Please let me know! I hope to one day write them completely in French, but I thought this would be a good transition stage! x