Wednesday, 2 September 2015

My Month in Pictures: August (+ The Bucket List Review!)


Today I'm bringing you a photo roundup of my month!
Sightseeing with visiting relatives - read about their stay here!
Baking Brookies!
All about my 19th Birthday
Birthday walk with Aero & Bella
Sleepover with the girls!
Adventure day/picnic with my family

All-in-all, it has been a nice month to round up summer before I head back to uni next week.

Also, since it's technically the end of my summer (boo), I thought I'd do a mini evaluation of how well my bucket list has gone...

1. Read a French book: Done, you can find a review here!

2. Go to the river at least once: Done! The weather's not been wonderful this summer, but I've had a few lil walks by the river, so even though we didn't spend all day there, I'm counting it haha!

3. See a show at the Fringe: Done! (I saw several, actually!) You can find out more about one of those trips here.

4. Start running: Sort of done! I haven't started full on running (I'm going to save that for uni, as there's lots of pretty places that I know will be perfect for a lil run) but I have been working on the elliptical. Does that count as a semi-tick?

5. Give up chocolate for a month: To be honest, this goal kind of failed. I started off pretty well then just gave up giving up if I'm honest - the irony is not lost on me there. But it has taught me to snack on chocolate less than before, so that's something!

This kind of turned into a 'hey check out these posts where I write about everything I've mentioned here but in a more in-depth way' post. I hope you don't mind all of the links!

Was August kind to you?

Speak soon!

Chloe x