Friday, 7 August 2015

YouTuber: Squeezie | French Fridays #3


Today I'm going to step away from the heavy-going French films, and instead provide you with a YouTube channel that I'm quite fond of: Squeezie.

A uni friend introduced me to Squeezie earlier this year, and I'm so glad that she did.

If you've not heard of him, he's a 20-something that posts videos of him playing various computer games, along with sketches and regular sit-down videos. And he's hilarious.

My personal favourites are his Goat Simulator videos. Seriously, that game looks ridiculous and hilarious, and his gameplay is just fantastic.

My only quibble is that he speaks very, very fast so this is not the best YouTube channel for a beginner. Half of the time I don't have a clue what he's saying, but I love his reactions to the games and you can get the general gist of what's going on just by watching the video. (I once tried watching with those YouTube subtitles that only pick up what they think is being said, which needless to say was a bizarre and confusing experience!)

Do any of you watch Squeezie too? 

Speak soon!

Chloe x