Friday, 14 August 2015

Podcast: Mission Paris | French Fridays #4

Bonjour à tous!

Today's French post is a slightly different method of learning a language: using podcasts!

I'm fairly new to the podcast scene, but when I went on holiday this year I thought it would be good to download a few to listen to while sitting by the pool. (That way it felt like I was doing a bit of uni work even in the sunshine!)

Mission Paris is a podcast series by Deutsche Welle, a German broadcaster that offers a range of news articles (in a whole host of languages, depending on which one you choose!). It is part of a wider series called Mission Europe, which also offers a German and a Polish series. My German teacher at school was a big fan of the Deutsche Welle website, because a lot of the news pieces also have language learning options where there are worksheets to accompany videos. It's a pretty nifty website, really.

The premise of the series is to follow Eva in Paris on her mission to save the French Republic. You meet a variety of people along the way who offer French phrases and clues to decode, so you learn as you listen.  

I haven't listened to all of the Mission Paris series yet, but so far I'm really enjoying it! Each episode is only five minutes or so long, so it's a nice little thing to squeeze into your day when you're getting ready in the morning. It's definitely got more of an English influence than French, because it's aimed at learners of French, but I quite like that. It focuses on a couple of French phrases per episode, which (I think) will eventually culminate in all of the phrases (and 'clues') making sense together. What I also like is that it's not just the vocab that you're learning, but the genders of words too. (Which is particularly handy for me, because I usually get the genders of French nouns wrong!)

Overall, it's a great little series for beginners and lovers of French alike! 

Plus, I get to live out a childhood dream because I feel like such a spy when I listen to it!

À bientôt!

Chloe x