Saturday, 29 August 2015

Packing for University


It's now just over a week until I move back to university for the start of second year! Eeeep!

And so begins another week of packing up my life for the next three months...

Last year I had about 5 suitcases worth of kitchen stuff, clothes, books, towels, the whole lot. It was quite a cramped 2 and a half hour car journey! This year I want to be slightly more streamlined, so hopefully I can fit everything into 3 or 4 cases instead.

As I mentioned in my Starting University post, you don't need every kitchen utensil possible, and this I feel will be even more relevant in second year. I'm going to be living with 3 of my friends, so it doesn't make sense for us all to bring a spatula each etc. We're planning on cooking together a lot, so we've assigned everybody a list of utensils and equipment to bring. It's pretty much given, however, that everybody brings 10,000 mugs with them, right? Mine double up as storage in my room as well as others for when we have people visiting. (what great hosts we will be!)

Most of the time I can be quite lazy with my clothing choices (particularly on lecture days) so a few staple items would be leggings, jeans, hoodies, and lightweight jumpers. I also bring a lot of t-shirts/sleeveless tops and pair them with cardigans or a light coat.

For more heavy-duty days (and trust me, there are a lot of them in Scotland!) I've got my big winter jacket with a fluffy hood. I also do a lot of walking at uni, so comfy shoes are a must.

With clothes come clothes hangers! My uni room last year only provided about 4 hangers so I bought a few from Primark. (a girl's gotta have lots of wardrobe space, after all)

Of course I have to devote a large space of my luggage to my course books and notebooks! I did a stationery haul last week where you can see all of the lovely notebooks and organisational bits and bobs I'll be taking with me.

I also like to bring some comforts from home because it makes your room more personal, and helps with the whole homesickness side of things. This includes pictures, cards, ornaments, and even fairy lights! A throw/blanket of some sort is also necessary because student accommodation can get cold, and it's always nice to offer a blanket to someone if they're staying over for a movie night. Primark do some really soft and inexpensive blankets. The cosier, the better!

There's also some bathroom essentials and technical equipment (like my printer) to take too, but other than that I think I have everything covered! It's so exciting going through all of this again, and knowing that I'm going to be in a house with my three lovely sisters makes it all the more enjoyable!

Have you started packing for uni yet?

Speak soon!

Chloe x