Monday, 31 August 2015

Music Mondays #7


As it's the end of August and symbolically the end of summer, this playlist is quite a chill one. Enjoy!

The Maine - We All Roll Along: It's nearing the end of summer now, but this song still gives me warm fuzzies when thinking about the memories of summer over the years. 

Jack Savoretti - Written in Scars: I heard this song on TV a few weeks ago, and for whatever reason it popped into my head this week. Jack's voice is so soothing.

This Providence - My Beautiful Rescue: Another beautifully chill song. 

Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight: This song is constantly played at the lobby bar in the hotel we go to in Greece. No complaints, 'cause it's such a sweet song.

Oasis - Whatever: The orchestra in this song is just stunning, and it's got a really lovely message of freedom throughout. 

What are your favourite relaxing songs?

Speak soon!

Chloe x