Monday, 10 August 2015

Music Mondays #4


This week's playlist is slightly more on the 'current' side of things than previous posts. Which basically means that I've been paying more attention to the radio recently. Enjoy!

Sara Bareilles - King of Anything: This is such a kickass song, for those moods when you want to feel like the ultimate boss.

James Bay - Incomplete: Along with Kodaline, James Bay also featured heavily on my revision playlist last semester. Incomplete is just so beautiful and chill.

5 Seconds of Summer - She's Kinda Hot: I'm partial to a bit of 5SOS (or a lot of 5SOS...), and their latest single is such a refreshing song that reminds me a lot of early 2000s, pop punk. Not too shabby.

Years & Years - Shine: This song has been all over the radio recently, and with good reason. I love the unique sound of Years & Years, and this tune is just beautiful.

Claire De Lune - Skipping Stones: I blame all of the PLL theory YouTube videos I've been watching for this song being featured on my blog. Anyone else on the Wren-is-Charles/A bandwagon?

What have you been listening to recently?

Speak soon!

Chloe x