Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Get To Know Me | Tag


As you are reading this I will be celebrating my nineteenth birthday (If you think I've mentioned that too much already, you may despair when you find out that next week I've got two more posts on the same topic! Oops!) so I thought now would be the best time to introduce myself a bit better with the Get To Know Me Tag! (which I found on Kat Bouska's Blog)

(NOTE: I only answered 19 of the 25 questions from the original tag because it's my 19th birthday and it's the 19th of August, so 19 seemed to be an appropriate recurring theme!)

1. What is your middle name?
Jane (hence the name of my blog) and Elizabeth. 'Chloe Jane Elizabeth x' seemed slightly too long a blog name for my liking though!

2. Share your favourite subject in high school.
I've always been a very arty person, and I obviously liked French, but my favourite subject was actually Maths!

3. What is your favourite drink?
Whenever I go to Greece I always have this really great cherry juice, but unfortunately we don't have it in Scotland. That's definitely my favourite drink.

4. What is your favourite song at the moment?
I've spoken about this song before, but hands down it has to be Walk the Moon - Shut Up And Dance. I don't think I'll tire of that one any time soon.

5. Have you participated in any sports?
Haha. Oh boy, I'm such an unsporty person. I like to watch tennis, cycling and swimming, but not take part! I'm trying to change that, though!

6. What is your favourite book?
My trouble with books is that every book I read becomes my favourite book. Aside from the Harry Potter series, I think maybe The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I hated studying it at school, but afterwards I really grew to appreciate it.

7. What is your favourite colour?
Mint green. All the mint green.

8. What is your favourite animal?
Dogs. Although I have quite a fondness for owls, too.

9. What is your favourite holiday?
Being in Greece. We've been going to the same hotel every summer since I was 7, so the staff are like our extended family, and as I've grown up there over the years, the place feels like my second home. Ah, holiday blues.

10. On a scale from 1-10, rate your childhood.
I'd give it a solid 8.5/10 I think. There was nothing inherently wrong with it, I grew up in a very loving and nurturing environment. I am very lucky that I am surrounded by love in my home (even if me and my brother don't always see eye to eye!). My fondest memories were the adventures I'd go on with my family every weekend to keep me and my brother from being bored. My only issue is that I didn't have many friends. I was just a bit of a loner. Nowadays I'm fine with that, and to be honest I think little Chloe was fine with it too, but it's a little sad to look back on haha!

11. Have you been out of the country?
Yes, I've been to a few places! Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Majorca, and Fuerteventura. I've been to Greece the most, though - we go there almost every year because we love it so much!

12. Do you speak any different languages?
If you hadn't guessed already from my blog, I'm studying French at university. I also studied German (at school and uni) so I can sort of hold a conversation, and I speak a bit of conversational Greek from all the years I've spent on holiday there.

13. Do you have any siblings?
I have one older brother.

14. What is your favourite store?
I'm a big H&M and ASOS gal, with a bit of Forever 21 and New Look thrown in for good measure.

15. Did you like school?
I really love learning, but the school environment is not always the best place to nurture that love.

16. What is your favourite movie?
Mamma Mia! and Matilda. Always.

17. What are some of your favourite TV shows?
Sherlock, Pretty Little Liars, and The Office. Trust me to choose 3 shows that are either no longer broadcast or are on month/year long hiatuses.

18. How tall are you?
I think I'm a little bit over 5ft 8.

19. Do you have any pets?
Yes! I have two Boxer dogs, and you can meet them here!

I hope this helped you get to know me a little better! Now, back to stuffing my face with cake...

Speak soon!

Chloe x