Friday, 28 August 2015

Amélie | French Fridays #6

Bonjour à tous!

This post was bound to happen eventually, mainly because Amélie is one of the most well-known French films ever. That, and it was about time I featured a light-hearted film on this blog!

Amélie is the story of a young woman who grew up in a highly sheltered environment with no friends and only her wild imagination for company, due to her parents mistakenly believing that she had a heart defect. Fast forward a few years, and Amélie is now working as a waitress in Montmartre, actively seeking to spread happiness to all around her.

She finds a box of photographs and childhood memorabilia under a floorboard in her apartment, and sets out to track down the little boy to whom the memories belong. This sparks a trail of 'missions' that Amélie embarks on to ultimately provide happiness to the residents of Paris.

It's a beautiful little story of love and childlike innocence, and it really helps to see things in a positive light.

The French is reasonably straightforward to follow, and to be honest when I first watched this film I didn't follow the French at all, but I still got the general gist of the story just through watching it. It's just a great film to watch on a chill day because it doesn't require much brain power, unlike the more serious films I've spoken about.

À bientôt!

Chloe x