Wednesday, 12 August 2015

9 Things That Cheer Me Up


While I'm still processing the Pretty Little Liars season 6A finale (I won't give any spoilers but OMG), I thought it would be a nice lil post today to share the little things in my life that boost my mood.

Everybody has those days where all they want to do is crawl under their duvet and avoid life. Personally I find it hard to get out of that funk, but these little steps that I take on such days can help to lift my spirits.

Watch my favourite film(s). Preferably the musical kind, like Mamma Mia!. Or a childhood classic, like Matilda.

Have a bath. Maybe some candles too if I'm feeling extra fancy.

Have a cold glass of water. Or tea/coffee/hot chocolate.

Listen to music. 8tracks do some great playlists that you can find by searching through the tags.

Go for a walk. It sounds a bit counterintuitive to go for a walk when you want to stay in bed all day and not talk to anybody, but I find the fresh air can really clear my mind.

Browse clothes websites. There's something oddly soothing about picking out clothes on ASOS that you like and imagining how you would style them. Just me?

Change my bed sheets and pyjamas. It's so satisfying jumping into a freshly made bed in clean pjs. If there's anything that makes me feel like I've accomplished something on a bad day, it's this.

Sleep. Because nothing's better than sleep.

Play with my dogs. It's hard not to crack a smile when you're surrounded by happy, cuddly pets. This is my ultimate pick-me-up, because who can resist these faces?!

What makes you feel better on a bad day?

Speak soon!

Chloe x