Wednesday, 26 August 2015

19th Birthday Celebrations


Last Wednesday I turned the grand old age of 19. NINETEEN. I'M ALMOST AN ADULT.

Ignoring the slight crisis I had at the thought of having only one year left as a teenager, here's how I spent the day with my family and friends!

My birthday is at such a great time in the year, because it means that I can go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the day, which I love. So that's exactly what I did. Last Monday I hopped on a bus to the city with my mum to have a lovely day seeing a couple of shows (Out of the Blue and The Bristol Suspensions, plus we got free tickets to see the comedy show Lunchtime of Champions which was hilarious in a 'this is very clever humour but also ridiculously punny and I love it' sort of way). The weather was stunning and there was such a positive vibe going on up the Royal Mile.

As if one trip to the Fringe wasn't enough (and trust me, one trip is definitely not enough!), last Tuesday my friends and I and went to see All the King's Men, an all-male a cappella group from King's College London. I'm a big a cappella fan (who wouldn't be when Pitch Perfect exists?!), so this was the perfect show to see. I saw them last year with my mum and they didn't disappoint this year either. It was so professionally done, and their singing was absolutely perfect (not to mention the talent of their beatboxer. Just. Wow.). Unfortunately their run at the Fringe is over now, but if you get a chance to see any of their shows I'd really recommend it! You can check out some of their performances on their YouTube page. Afterwards, we had a few hours to kill before dinner so we went for a lil walk through Princes Street Gardens and sat in Costa for a while too.
I had a tender moment with Wally too!
Then we headed to Zizzi for dinner. You may remember me mentioning a competition I'd entered to win a meal at Zizzi - unfortunately we narrowly lost out, but we thought we'd go along anyways because their food is so good! You can find out more about the food we ate in yesterday's post.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't brilliant on Tuesday, but we still made the most of the day! I'm really glad we saw All the King's Men because while they were good when I saw them last year, they'd really upped their game this year and their show was just incredible. It was acamazing. (I'm not even sorry about that pun)

On Wednesday, my actual birthday, I just had a chill day with my family. The dogs were particularly thrilled that it was my birthday (they LOVE birthdays), and were desperate to help me unwrap presents. My mum and I took them on a walk and then we had takeaway for dinner. It was just lovely.

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people, and I hope those good vibes continue for my remaining twelve months as a teenager. 

I hope you're all having a lovely week!

Speak soon!

Chloe x