Friday, 24 July 2015

Two Days, One Night | French Fridays #1


Like the committed university student that I am, I've been using part of my summer to develop my repertoire of all things French. So today I bring you the first of my recommendations, the film Two Days, One Night. (or Deux jours, une nuit if you want to be pedantic)

I found this on Netflix a few weeks ago when I was feeling particularly cultured, and it's pretty good! Starring Marion Cotillard (what a babe), it centres around a woman trying to convince her coworkers to vote for her to keep her job after a period of illness. 

It's a touching film as you follow Sandra over the course of a weekend attempting to persuade her colleagues to sacrifice a €1000 bonus in order to salvage her career. It deals with a variety of issues, including mental health and relationship difficulties. It has an exceptional human quality to it, c'est-à-dire que there's nothing extraordinary in the plot; the events could have happened to anybody.

Another great feature of the film is that the French is relatively easy to follow. I tend to find when I watch French TV shows or listen to French radio that I can't keep up with what is being said because they speak so fast, but in Two Days, One Night the pace is slow enough for an intermediate learner to follow without getting lost. Netflix also has English subtitles available, so it's perfect for beginners too! 

I'd like to end on a phrase that I heard come up quite a lot in the film that I hadn't picked up on before:

J'arrive! - I'm on my way!/Give me two minutes!

It's a very simple phrase that I use in my everyday life normally, so I'm happy that I now know the French equivalent! 

Let me know below if you've seen the film/what other French films you'd recommend! 

Back to Netflix I go...

Speak soon!

Chloe x