Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Reunion


Last week one of my closest friends from uni (also my academic sister) came up to good ol' Scotland, so naturally a meet up was evident.

It's always tough to go from seeing someone everyday to having to spend a long time away from them (in our case it was going to be three months, which is way too long in my opinion!), so it was just lovely being given the opportunity to catch up with Lauren and explore Edinburgh together.

First we went for lunch (girls have gotta eat, obvs) at Zizzi. I had the chicken and prosciutto salad, while Lauren had the lasagne. Both were delicious! We also entered a competition with Zizzi to win a meal for my birthday, so if you'd like to help us win that it would be greatly appreciated! You just have to vote for our #ZizziSummerSelfie at ! (You get a free coke and garlic bread each time you vote, plus the chance to win a £100 Zizzi gift voucher! It's a win for everyone!) The competition closes at 10am on Friday so if you can help us out at all I would be so grateful.

After we'd stuffed our faces we headed to the National Museum. I spent countless weekends of my childhood there with my dad and brother but it was really refreshing to go back and really appreciate the exhibits. Our favourite was the Animal Kingdom.

On our whistle-stop tour of Edinburgh, we took some chill time in Princes Street Gardens to just talk. And talk. And talk... (and take lots of photos!)

You can vote for our selfie at !

It's hard not seeing my uni friends all the time over the summer, but that just makes it all the more special when we reunite in September. Not long to go now! 

Speak soon!

Chloe x

P.S. Lauren, I love ya and I miss ya gal! x