Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Meet My Dogs!


Today I'd like to introduce you to two of the most important beings in my life... My dogs!

Warning: cute photos ahead!

Yes, I'm another dog fanatic. I've grown up with dogs in the house all my life, although I was actually terrified of them at the start. My parents decided the only way to solve this way to get a puppy (that's right, fight the fear by bringing the fear into the house...) and it worked!

This is Echo!
A very battered photo of Echo and I when I was five and she was just a little puppy!
Echo the Boxer grew up with me, until she passed away just aged 7 the day that I finished primary school. Which is quite fitting, really.

After Echo, the house was far too quiet without a mad dog wrecking havoc. It was then that we decided to get another dog, another Boxer. This is Aero:

She turned 7 just yesterday! She's not a big fan of getting her photo taken though: every time I bring the camera out, she turns her head away and refuses to acknowledge me! Affectionately known as the 'Ginga Ninja', Aero is the 'sensible' dog who does whatever you say, but before middle age mellowed her, she was the troublesome member of the family for sure.

She can be quite a clingy little soul, so when she turned 1 we decided to get another Boxer to keep her company. Lottie joined our family when she was 9 months old, previously having been a show dog. Aero and Lottie ended up being best friends, they were completely and utterly inseparable.

The terrible twins...
Lottie and her tennis ball were inseparable too!

Unfortunately, unbeknownst to us at the time, Lottie had been born with Juvenile Kidney Disease. We got her all the treatment possible, but JKD is incurable so the best that we could do was extend her life and make it as happy as possible. Tragically, Lottie passed away in December 2012. She was only four years old, and gave us three wonderful years of her life. She was always seen with her tennis ball, and she adored cuddles and being part of my sleepovers with my friends! She would sit outside my room and knock on my door, desperate not to miss out on any girly talk!
Lottie was quite a fan of her selfies!

We knew that Aero wouldn't cope well after Lottie passed, so in November 2012 we decided to get another Boxer (yes, another!) to ease the transition for Aero. Bella is going to turn 3 in September.
She just won't stand still...
Like butter wouldn't melt, right?

Bella is quite a character, let me tell you. She's a firecracker that rarely settles down. Life is always wonderful in Bella-Land, and I'm not sure just how aware she is of other people. She's just too caught up in her own world! That being said, though, she's such a loving dog, and she just adores Aero.

I thought it would be appropriate to end this post with my all-time favourite photo of Bella. It really sums up her character... Whenever somebody asks me what she's like, I show them this photo and it does all of the explaining. Brace yourself...

Haha! I hope you enjoyed meeting my crazy, lovely dogs. Let me know if you have any pets too!

Speak soon!

Chloe x