Thursday, 2 July 2015

A Little Introduction | The Bucket List


My name is Chloe, I'm an 18 year old from Scotland and I have ever so graciously hopped on the bandwagon of bored students aimlessly trying to find a purpose over summer. I've never tried anything like this before (though it's been on a bucket list that I never seem to get through for quite a while now...) so hopefully I'll get the hang of it and this could be a nice little corner for me to hold myself accountable and have a semi-productive summer!

On the topic of bucket lists, that is something that I hope this blog to be. Being a perennial list writer means that every summer I write a bucket list of what I hope to achieve over the 3 months between term times, and every summer I can only cross off about a third of the list. As a student with little money and friends that are away living their own lives too, it can be difficult to complete an overly optimistic list, so this year I'm going to set myself some more affordable, manageable goals.

Here we go...

  1. Read a French book. Studying a language at university means that you can never simply enjoy your summer and not think about school, as you then risk forgetting every bit of language you learned the previous semester. Many of my course mates are working or studying abroad over the summer (one of my friends is working at Disneyland Paris!) so in order to avoid looking like a completely clueless idiot when I return to uni I think it's probably wise to read at least one of my set texts for next semester, as well as watch a couple of French films. (Not as effective as actually being in France, but hey, you gotta work with what you've got.)
  2. Go to the river at least once. There is a beautiful spot at the river around 3 miles from my town that I go to every summer with my friends, where we have a picnic and climb on the rocks (and get ice cream!). It's my favourite thing to do in the summer, but it's difficult to find a time where everybody is free nowadays to arrange it all. If we manage to go once, I'll be very happy with that.
  3. See a show at the Fringe. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival dominates the capital city throughout August, and every year there's such a wide variety of acts to see. Hopefully this year will be just as entertaining!
  4. Start running. I am a very non-sporty person. I don't think it's always been this way but as I got older and the classic self-conscious pre-teen phase kicked in, I dreaded P.E. classes at school. I've always made feeble attempts to boost my fitness levels over the years, but starting university last year has been the kick I needed to put in more effort. I recently purchased my first pair of proper trainers, a pedometer and some workout clothes so now there's no excuse! I'm not quite ready to tackle running right away, but by walking more and starting the day with a mini workout routine, I should be feeling more confident by the end of July to start! This is a long term bucket list goal, as by next summer I'd like to still be running and hopefully feeling much better about myself and my health! 
  5. Give up chocolate for a month. This is probably going to be the toughest goal for me. Chocolate is my go-to food! It was much easier at university to not eat chocolate because I was in charge of what food I bought but now that I'm home for the summer it's a challenge to resist all the goodies in the cupboard! If I can cut it out for a month and see the difference that it makes to my skin and body, that should hopefully encourage me to eat it less and less (I'm not sure I could give it up all together though!).
And I think that'll do it for this summer bucket list! Part of my problem in the past was that my lists were about twenty points long, so by sticking with five, not particularly time consuming or expensive goals, I should be able to come back here at the end of August and proudly cross off all five! 

Speak soon! 

Chloe x